Welcome to Kairos Dental Lab and thank you for visiting our website. We have been providing quality service to dentist throughout the country for years. Our outstanding team consists only of highly qualified, continuously trained technicians, each realizing the importance of his or her profession, striving daily to meet their own personal goals and the company's high professional standards.

The key to Kairos longevity has been a steadfast commitment to customer service, with a distinct emphasis on building lasting relationships with dental professionals who share an enthusiasm for value and providing the greatest available patient care. Therefore, it remains extremely important to everyone at Kairos to help support the growth of the dentists they partner with.

We understand that satisfied patients are the best referral sources for your practice, that is why our focus is on completing our work in such a precise manner to prevent re-dos as much as possible.

Moving into the future, Kairos will continue to strengthen its commitment to customer satisfaction and provide you with the latest technology has to offer. We are proud to inform you that Kairos Dental Lab will soon be adding CAD/CAM technology to its partial dept. Ask us for brochures to learn more


We offer the best options in crown and bridge fabrication. Call us today for details.


Expect the best from us. We are 100% focused on your satisfaction

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